The Houses



Cottage Ηuck has a double bed in the open-plan part (no door), an attic with double bed, a basic kitchen area, bathroom and fireplace.


Cottage Becky has a double bed in a separate bedroom with a ladder leading to a child’s single bed. It too has an attic, this time with two double beds, as well as a kitchen, bathroom with shower and a fireplace. The back door of the cottage opens on to a spacious wooden outdoor deck, situated roughly in the centre of the farm. Here, a vine-covered pergola provides ample shade, making the deck area ideal for relaxation, reading and barbecues.

(Huck and Becky, can be used as completely independent residences or as one large dwelling with access provided through an interior door)


Country House has a large living area with fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen, two bedrooms (one with two single beds and the other with one double bed), two bathrooms (one en suite with shower), plus an attic with 2 single beds which kids will love.


With a forest lounge aesthetic and real character, Bear Lake Lodge stands out not only for its striking exterior but also the atmospheric luxury of its interior spaces.


The Farm's barn, tastefully converted into a charming Country Loft with a distinctive vibe


The eye-catching presence of an Airstream, placed in one of the best viewing locations on the farm, offers a unique accommodation experience characterized by comfort and luxury in intimate contact with nature.

Lone Star Shack

Once part of the farm's stable block, this house has now been converted into comfortable accommodation with a 'Modern Cowboy' vibe.

Sedona Grand Loft

The central structure of the ground-floor stable block dwellings, transformed into a rustic loft with an authentic 'Southwest' feel.

Buffalo Hut

The largest of the houses was remodeled by converting the stables on two levels, with a distinctive 'Old West' look.

Forest Gate Cabin

The wooden barn that used to supply the adjacent stables has been converted into an independent house with 'Forest Cabin' charm


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Built with local timber and river stones, featuring an oversized bay window with built-in divan which break down the barriers between the hand-crafted wooden interior and the farm’s exterior space, a bed in a niche which can be separated for privacy by double curtains, a fireplace in the middle of the living area and a suite-like attic, Cottage Huck (from Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn) has an enchanting ambience further enhanced by adjustable lighting, lamps, as well as the black and white photographs of Alex Slade.

With a living area cozily arranged around the fireplace, bathed in light streaming in from windows that offer a sweeping view of the alpine landscape, a bedroom with wall-to-wall bed and a vertical ladder leading to a ‘secret’ loft bed, a kitchen on one side of the gallery that opens onto the farm’s most beautiful veranda and an attic that looks like something straight out of the most magical fairytale ever, Cottage Becky (Tom Sawyer’s sweetheart) exudes an atmosphere of romance and dreams.

Like a farmhouse that has sprung up from the English countryside, shades of green, tweed curtains, sofas and armchairs with vintage upholstery, a fireplace decorated with ethnic touches, oil-on-wood paintings of traditional English cars, the flower bedroom that looks out onto the made-in-England greenhouse, the classical bedroom with collectible engravings and the attic with gaucho elements, the Country House has an eclectic yet sophisticated ambience that fosters camaraderie and contemplation.

Bear Lake Lodge adds an unexpected touch to the farm’s accommodation offering, with clear influences from Big Bear Lake, the premier four-season vacation destination in Southern California. The distinct characteristics of Bear Lake Lodge, its exterior appearance with the singular color and spacious verandas, its façade with glass windows offering a sweeping view of the fir forest, the surprise bathtub and the imaginative layout that enhances the sense of fluidity of the no-door interior spaces, create the idyllic picture of a Cabin Lodge, where today’s busy city dwellers can find a haven for a relaxing forest break.

A brand new Airstream 28’ International Signature Series, designed by Christopher C. Deam and manufactured in the USA, parked in the heart of the farm, offers the thrill of boho accommodation in communion with nature.

Airstreams are much, much more than a trailer. They are a legend, surrounded by a certain mystique, an object of desire for artists, rock stars and collectors not only in America but all over the world. They are the ultimate symbol of freedom and laid-back living, of travel and adventure, icons of an alternative lifestyle. They have written and continue to write their own pages in history.

The shiny aluminum exterior, the hand-fitted rivets similar to those used in vintage airplane fuselages, the distinctive rounded shape of the body, the hand-assembly with outstanding finishing, along with the comforts and functionality of each centimeter of interior space, allow the dream of enjoying nature’s beauty to be experienced in conditions of understated luxury.

With its open-plan interior layout, bare timber structural frame, four-pitched roof with exposed posts and cross-beams, just like the authentic barns of Vermont, along with the iconic fridge – a true collector's item – by Marshall (the legendary English brand of speakers and amplifiers), the clean lines and depth of the interior, the mood-enhancing entrance and atmospheric lighting, the Barn Loft exudes an air of mystery, like a setting from a David Lynch movie.

Standing only a few meters from the edge of the fir forest, this cozy abode could easily have been built by early pioneers of the West. With the structural elements left visible on the sides and roof, all-wood construction (like the authentic log cabins hidden away in the woods) and just the right level of luxury, Forest Gate is conspicuous for its singular charm and elegance.

With its three-level layout, bedroom-cum-sitting room with view of the rock gardens, extensive window areas, inviting bunk beds, handcrafted Indian couch, pony skin armchair, original rodeo posters, copper bathtub, collectors-item Tiffany lamps, French wood-burning stove by Invicta, saddles and other fascinating memorabilia, not to mention the Southwest-style kitchen with sitting room on the ground floor, the Buffalo Hut is a veritable time machine that will whisk you back to the Old West.

With influences from the town of Sedona, Arizona in the American Southwest, the central structure of the farm's ground-floor stable block dwellings, now transformed into a rustic loft, has a number of distinctive characteristics. The handcrafted tiles from Pueblo depicting Kokopelli, principal deity of the ancient Native American Anasazi culture, between the double doorway outside and on the lintel of the bathroom inside provide an authentic 'Southwest' feel. The character of the interior is further enhanced by Moravian Star light fixtures, the circumferential mezzanine, the German wood stove by Bullerjan, the horizontal and vertical timbers, the leather couch, the wooden statue of the Indian chief, the works by Native American artist T.C. Cannon, and much more.

The 'Shack' could easily be mistaken for an iconic motel on one of the restored sections of Route 66. The blue hues of the interior, the handcrafted Mexican Talavera tiles running around it, the Old West iron bed, handmade leather curtains, timbers from the original stable, English wood-burning stove by Chesneys and multi-functional bathroom suite with its classic porcelain-enameled steel bathtub underline the 'Modern Cowboy' vibe.