Off Road

Vasilikia Farm “Off-road Adventures”


If you’re thinking of visiting Vasilikia Mountain Farm and want to experience the thrill of an off-road adventure in your 4x4, read on...You can now get the most out of your four-wheel-drive vehicle on routes specially planned for itsparticular capabilities, without having to worry about navigation or what to do in the event of an unexpected occurrence.

We offer planning, organization and vehicle/navigator support, devices for communication between vehicles, as well as the necessary equipment for dealing with unforeseen challenges. The proposed routes can be combined with short or longer hikes that will take you into the most impressive parts of the National Park for a picnic or a meal at select restaurants in the charming, stone-paved squares of picturesque villages on Mt. Oiti!


4 seasons – 4 different worlds!

Each season offers something completely different on the mountain. 

The fall routes take you through enchanting landscapes of deciduous trees. This is also the time of year with the most mud, which is good news for off-roaders.

In winter you will discover snow-covered landscapes, where vehicles require completely different handling and the experience is quite unique.

In spring, nature comes to life in a riot of color and on an off-road trip you can see it all! From snow-covered areas at higher altitudes to challenging muddy sections lower down.

Summer is the only season in which you can drive at very high altitudes, along routes through alpine parts of the National Park which are truly breathtaking.


Routes for every 4x4!

Routes are categorized according to vehicle type as follows:

CUV: routes suitable for crossover vehicles, which usually have a ground clearance of up to 18 cm and a simple four-wheel drive system.
Typical examples: Mitsubishi ASX, Opel Mokka, Audi A6 Allroad.

Midsize SUV: routes suitable for sport utility vehicles, which generally have a minimum ground clearance of 19 cm, possibly a central diff lock but no low range gear option.
Typical examples: Toyota RAV4, Nissan X-Trail, Jeep Compass, BMW X5.

Large SUV: routes suitable for larger sport utility vehicles with a minimum ground clearance of 19 cm, plus low range gear option.
Typical examples: Jeep Cherokee, Toyota Land Cruiser, Suzuki Grand Vitara.



Vasilikia Farm’s “Off-Road Adventures” is a highly personalized activity, carefully planned according to the capabilities of the driver and vehicle (or drivers and vehicles in the case of groups), the season, the duration of the drive, but also the experiences chosen to further enhance it.

For the purpose of planning and determining the cost of your personal “Off-Road Adventures”, certain details must be discussed and agreed at the time of confirmation of your booking at Vasilikia Farm.