Vasilikia Farm - Mushroom Hunting


Are you ready to learn all about mushrooms, experience the thrill of the hunt and their discovery, and enjoy one of the finest natural delicacies of Roumeli?

Mt. Oiti is among the foremost mushroom-growing areas in the country, considered by shroom experts and veteran hunters as the number one location in central Greece. Mushrooms offer an opportunity for you to come into direct contact with nature. They invite you to seek them out and because they tend to grow in many different and unexpected places (clearings, thickets, roots, tree trunks, etc.), they initiate you into the magic and amazing natural beauty of the mountain. 

Apart from the sheer pleasure of exploring the forest, mushroom hunting around Pavliani is one of the best ways to discover the National Park’s diverse natural environment, from fir forests and alpine landscapes to heaths, grassy meadows and riversides, where hundreds of species of wild mushrooms grow all year round.
With the assistance of an experienced mushroom forager, who will help you find their “secret” habitats, you will roam through a fir forest with scattered walnut and oak trees. Together with friends, you will search below trees and bushes to find, identify and photograph as many mushroom species as possible. You will learn to distinguish the tastiest and… the most dangerous. And you will also learn how to move around in the forest in safety and with respect for its many gifts; how to pick mushrooms without harming its delicate ecosystem; their importance in its natural life cycle; what to look for when identifying mushrooms as well as their main categories and properties. All you will need are waterproof clothing and good walking boots; in a word, suitable mountain attire. Baskets, fixed blade and pocket knives will be provided by us.
Back at the Farm, baskets brimming with the wild, edible mushrooms you have picked, we will head for the Taverna Lodge. There, under the guidance of a chef specially invited for the day, we will prepare the most delicious gourmet dishes: from creamy risottos, fragrant omelets and velvety soups, to charcoal-grilled mushrooms with aromatic wild greens!

Mushrooms in every season

Fall – Winter (September-December)

Fall’s damp earth brings the woodlands of Oiti to life with Agaricus, Lepiota, Boletus, Plevrotus, Amanita caesarea (Caesar’s mushroom) and Lactarius.

Spring – Summer (April-June)

In spring, the cool uplands and forests of Mt. Oiti welcome Agaricus, Porcini, Sarcodon, Hygrophorus marzuolus (March mushroom), Calocybe gambosa, Amanita caesarea, Russula virescens, Cantharellus cibarius (fragrant chanterelles), Craterellus cornucopioides ( horn of plenty) and fluffy Boletus. But for many, the star of the show is the regal Morchella (the true morels), the tastiest and most highly prized genus after the truffle.


Vasilikia Farm’s “Mushroaming” is a highly personalized activity, carefully planned and organized according to the wishes of participants.

For the purpose of planning and determining the cost of your personal “Mushroaming” experience, certain details must be discussed and agreed at the time of confirmation of your booking at Vasilikia.