The Farm

The delightful wooden Cottages, which would not be out of place on an American mountain ranch, and the Country House, with the look of a farmstead somewhere in central Europe or the English countryside, are unique in terms of layout, furnishings and fittings. They feature artworks, collectibles, curios and design details which give them their […]


The Story The farm was originally set up by a family of entrepreneurs from Athens as a private getaway, somewhere they could escape the hectic pace of city life. They chose this particular location because they hailed from mountain villages in Greece’s northern region of Macedonia and were seeking a rustic natural environment that was […]


LEISURE ACTIVITIES Walking, hiking and climbing on Oiti. Most of the trails on the south side of the mountain begin at Pavliani, Kastriotissa and Pyra. The south side has the most gentle slopes and the paths are less demanding; some are adequately waymarked. The Oiti massif is criss-crossed by a network of trails which are […]

Points of Interest

MONUMENTS – CHURCHES – MONASTERIES – MUSEUMS (IN THE WIDER AREA) The Archaeological Site of Delphi, added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1987. Famous as the panhellenic sanctuary dedicated to Apollo, where the Pythia delivered her prophecies, Delphi was also known in antiquity as the “navel of the world”. The site’s important monuments include […]

Greater Area

PLACES TO VISIT (IN THE WIDER AREA) The natural seasonal ponds (drakolimnes) at Souvala and Nevropoli on Mt. Kallidromo, above Eleftherochori at an altitude of 1,100 m. On Kallidromo there are three wildlife sanctuaries that are part of the Natura 2000 network. And if you’re lucky, you might catch sight one of the herds of […]

Oiti National Forest

Oiti National Park (highest peak Pyrgos, 2,152 m), the core of which comprises a pristine environment of natural habitats and diverse landscapes, such as the area of Katavothra on the Livadies plateau, with an abundance of subalpine vegetation featuring species of festuca, astragalus, genista, ononis and other plants endemic to the mountains of Greece. The […]

Snow Experiences

Vasilikia Farm “Snow Experiences” στο Katafygio-Oiti Snowcat skiing & snowboarding For fans of backcountry (off-piste) skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing and ski mountaineering, Vasilikia Farm in cooperation with Katafygio-Oiti offer the fully integrated experience of a well organized, extreme snowcat ride to the peaks of Mt. Oiti, the starting point for ski or snowboard descents on […]

Mountain Bike

Vasilikia Farm – Mountain Bike Tours Mt. Oiti is one of the top destinations for mountain biking in Greece. It is not only the remarkable beauty of the mountain but also its natural features and configuration which make it ideal for such activities. So it’s hardly surprising that Pavliani hosts the country’s biggest mountain bike […]


PLACES TO VISIT (IN PAVLIANI) The village of Ano Pavliani, where the main construction materials, stone and wood, are combined in a remarkable way and the houses are in perfect harmony with nature. The housing reconstruction seen in recent years is due to Pavliani’s adoption of the goals and principles set out in the Habitat […]