Snow Experiences

Vasilikia Farm “Snow Experiences” στο Katafygio-Oiti

Snowcat skiing & snowboarding

For fans of backcountry (off-piste) skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing and ski mountaineering, Vasilikia Farm in cooperation with Katafygio-Oiti offer the fully integrated experience of a well organized, extreme snowcat ride to the peaks of Mt. Oiti, the starting point for ski or snowboard descents on untouched slopes or trails prepared by a tracked snow groomer.


Take a snowmobile trip along forest trails, ascending to Pyrgaki peak at an altitude of 1,600 m. or to Heracles’ Pyre (in Greek mythology, the site of the great hero’s apotheosis) for a panoramic view of all the mountain massifs of central Greece: Mt. Parnassos to the southeast, Mt. Othrys to the northeast, Mt. Vardousia to the west, Mt. Geraneia to the southwest and when the weather’s clear, Mt. Velouchi.

Highlight: Experience the thrill of a night-time snowmobile ride under the light of the moon or the star-filled heavens!

Alpine Touring

For a memorable snowcat outing in an unspoiled alpine landscape, you don’t have to be backcountry savvy, and you won’t need any skiing or snowboarding skills for the descent. The adventure gets off to a leisurely start with a cup of steaming hot coffee and homemade biscuits before the tour of Oiti’s peaks begins… in any weather conditions. Get a taste of what it’s like to be on a polar expedition and reach inaccessible locations with breathtaking views.

Highlight: Enjoy the most amazing picnic you’ve ever had, in the middle of an alpine landscape – in or outside the snowcat – with tasty snacks and fiery tsipouro or brandy to keep you warm!


Departures are from Katafygio-Oiti ( at Vryzes, between Pavliani and Stromi, at an altitude of 1,240 m., just 6 km. from Vasilikia Farm.

Ski, snowboard and snowshoe equipment is available at no extra charge.

Minimum number of participants for the “Snowcat Skiing & Snowboarding” activity: 5 persons

Minimum number of participants for the Snowmobile trip with guide: 2 persons

Skiing and snowboarding trails: There is a possibility of multiple choices according to the desired level of downhill difficulty, with each descent appropriately graded for novices all the way up to experts.

Vasilikia Farm “Snow Experiences” at Katafygio-Oiti are highly personalized activities, since they are planned and organized in accordance with the participants’ wishes.

For the purpose of planning and determining the cost of your personal, “Snow Experiences” at Katafygio-Oiti, certain details must be discussed and agreed at the time of confirmation of your booking at Vasilikia Farm.