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Mt. Oiti is one of the top destinations for mountain biking in Greece. It is not only the remarkable beauty of the mountain but also its natural features and configuration which make it ideal for such activities. So it’s hardly surprising that Pavliani hosts the country’s biggest mountain bike race, the “Iti Epic”.
A well planned MTB trail on Mt. Oiti not only leaves the rider with unique emotions and images but is also the best way to explore the National Park and get properly acquainted with the region!

Trail options

With Vasilikia Farm as starting point:

1) Pavliani and environs

Distance: 15 km
Difficulty rating: 3/10
Fitness level: 3.5/10
Description: In terms of fitness level, a good introductory route across very beautiful landscapes,including an exceptional path.
Highlights: “Melissa” path.

2) Traversing the central mass of Oiti to Livadies

Distance: 45 km
Difficulty rating: 2/10
Fitness level: 5/10
Description: The route traverses a large area of Mt. Oiti along the north-south axis. For the most part the trail unfolds at high altitudes, offering amazing views at interesting vantage points. At its highest point, it passes through alpine landscapes of stunning beauty.
Highlights: The trail takes in the most beautiful place in the entire National Park.

3) “Iti Epic” short section

Distance: 35 km
Difficulty rating: 5/10
Fitness level: 6/10
Description: The shortest section of the top MTB race in Greece, combining dynamic terrain and fun single tracks, complemented by impressive alternations of scenery.
Highlights: Ideally configured for racing.

4) High altitude circuit

Distance: 40 km
Difficulty rating: 3/10
Fitness level: 6.5/10
Description: A unique trail passing through parts of Mt. Oiti which still remain unmapped. The first half of the route is fairly demanding and includes most of the positive altitude differences, ascending to alpine meadows at over 1900 m and reaching as high as 2000 m along ridges that afford privileged views of the alpine landscape.
Highlights: High altitudes – alpine landscapes – exhilarating downhill sections.

5) “Iti Epic” long section

Distance: 61 km
Difficulty rating: 6/10
Fitness level: 8/10
Description: Arguably the ultimate MTB trail in Greece, offering stunningly beautiful pristine landscapes, areas untrodden for years, tracks that combine technical difficulty with literally breathtaking views. The route takes in one of the most challenging and inaccessible gorges in Europe and provides thrilling moments along its entire length.
Highlights: Ideally configured for racing.

With alternative starting points:

1) Syntoniki and environs

Distance: 12 km
Difficulty rating: 3/10
Fitness level: 2/10
Description: Ideal for mountain bike novices. Easy, yet very pleasant and great fun.
Highlights: “Melissa” path.

2) Xerovouni circuit

Distance: 25 km
Difficulty rating: 4/10
Fitness level: 2.5/10
Description: In terms of fitness level, a good introductory route that is also highly enjoyable. Nevertheless, the trail does penetrate the mountain quite deeply, with two very special single tracks and a number of mountain stream crossings.
Highlights: Panoramic views of the mountain – water crossings.


We ensure that our “Mountain Bike Tours” have the proper organization and full support, with each drive being led by an experienced guide/navigator having in-depth knowledge of the region and the sport itself. This also ensures communication in the event of unexpected occurrences, as well as the necessary equipment for dealing with unforeseen challenges.

The routes have been carefully chosen so that each one offers the broadest possible range of special features for an ideal combination of aesthetic appeal and off-road adventure biking on stunningly beautiful Mt. Oiti.

We can also help you plan alternative routes/trips, taking into consideration personal requirements and preferences, but also seasonal and weather conditions.

If you want to enjoy the “Mountain Bike Tours” but do not have or prefer not to bring your own bike and basic gear, you will be pleased to know they can be rented.

And if the start of a chosen route is not Pavliani but at some other location on the mountain, Vasilikia Farm will arrange the transfer of bikes and gear to that point.

Vasilikia Farm’s “Mountain Bike Tours” is a highly personalized activity, carefully planned according to the capabilities and wishes of participants.

For the purpose of planning and determining the cost of your personal “Mountain Bike Tour”, certain details must be discussed and agreed at the time of confirmation of your booking at Vasilikia Farm.