The Farm

The delightful wooden Cottages, which would not be out of place on an American mountain ranch, and the Country House, with the look of a farmstead somewhere in central Europe or the English countryside, are unique in terms of layout, furnishings and fittings. They feature artworks, collectibles, curios and design details which give them their special appeal and create a welcoming atmosphere that makes guests feel right at home.

Certain aspects of the farm – such as the organic garden, the pond with its dam and wooden bridge, the rock garden full of herbs, the tree house, the stone fountain and the natural spring fed by water from a mountain peak deep in the national park – help create a truly idyllic setting that is far from commonplace.

The chapel with its bell tower, which looks like it has been lifted from an Alpine slope, the Taverna Lodge, where guests can enjoy meals, snacks and drinks or play games beside the wood-burning stove, the stable with its traditional wooden facade reminiscent of Normandy and a hayloft full of authentic ethnic memorabilia, the charming rabbit hutch, the tractor shed, the stone-built pen and drinking trough for the sheep and goats, the cheese dairy, the poultry house and pond for the ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens and guinea fowl which roam freely, all serve to confirm Vasilikia’s credentials as a genuine working farm.

Kids will love the outdoor play area with swings, slides and a playhouse.

But the farm’s most prominent landmark is the log-built observation tower. Twenty meters high, the tower affords an amazing 360-degree view that takes in not only four of central Greece’s most stunning peaks (Mt. Kallidromo, Mt. Othrys, Mt. Oiti and Mt. Giona) but also the sea. Use the telescope to zoom in on points of interest in the surrounding countryside or stargaze to the rustling of leaves, the gurgling of streams and other sounds of the forest.

The picture is completed by impressive stands of trees: tall poplars and characteristic local species such as arbutus, tilia, circis as well as acacia, plane, oak and willow. Depending on the season, guests will be able to savor freshly picked mirabelles, sour cherries, hazelnuts, sweet cherries, plums, apples, quinces, chestnuts and walnuts.